5 Best youtube channel for english Improvement Easily

How to learn english easily by watching english youtube channel.Hello and welcome friends. Today I am going to talk to you about five best Youtube channels that I love and that I recommend to you for learning English, but they're not Youtube channels that are specifically for learning English, they don't teach you English.

Best youtube channel for english learning

They're just for immersion. They're just normal Youtube channels  if you would like to look at the list before watching the whole video, because may be you know one, two,or three of these Youtube channels already, and it would be a waste of time to watch the whole video to find out. I think watching Youtube videos might be the best way for learning a new language besides going to a country where it is the primary language and living there for many months.

How to improvement  engIish speaking?

I think that's because it's a great way to immerse yourself, without being in another country. For example, I probably watch thirty... thirty minutes to an hour of Youtube videos in French a day and that's because I like watching French Youtube videos. I'm pretty much addicted to a few Youtubers. It lets me stay fresh on my French skillsand to even learn some new vocabulary, even if it's sometimes slang vocabulary. So that being said, I don't actually watch that much Youtube in English.

So I don't really know that many English Youtube channels. I'm not up to date on all the trends and stuff like that, but there are certain Youtubers that speak English in their videos that really enjoy and I think you might enjoy, or it would give you some ideas for what types of content to search for when you're trying to find channels in English. Yeah. So, none of these have subtitles in English,which is... not so great, but you can ask in the comment sections for people to write subtitles for you and for people who can't hear very well. Anyway.

Best English learning Youtube channels

Let's get started with my five recommendations. These recommendations... some of the people are very well known, and some of the people are not well known at all, so maybe you've heard of them, may be you haven't. I don't... I don't know. so you've probably already heard of this person,


He makes videos that are like films. Even when the subject matter isn't super interesting to me, the shots that he takes are beautiful, and he does time lapses, and he flies hisdrone around New York City and he travels a lot and goes around the world. . He has nine million subscribers, so chancesare, you have stumbled across one of his videos. And if you haven't, you should.

The next Youtube channel that I'd like to recommend to you is one that is kind of the opposite of Casey Neistat. He is not very famous. He's actually a little bit famous in the poetry world, at least in the US and maybe other English speaking countries.

2.Steve Roggenbuck

Best youtube channel for english learning

He makes Youtube videos that are very, very, very strange. So if you like watching some weird stuff,this might be for you. I know I do. He basically just films himself talking to the camera and saying random things for a couple hours, and then he cuts it down toa few minutes and then he basically makes that into a poem, a video poem. So maybe it's not the best if you are more of a beginner with English.

He doesn't really make that many videos right at this moment, but he has made like a hundred and fifty videos, so there's a lot of content if you start to enjoy his videos, you can watch a lot of them.

The next Youtube channel that I'd... I'd like to recommend to you is

3.Wild We Roam

So they are two vegan people, they are a couple and they live in Berlin and now they live in a van. I'm not sure if you've been following the van content that is on Youtube, but a lot of Youtubers live in vans and just make videos from their vans because it's cheaper and they can travel more, which is an interesting thing. It's not something I'd like to do, but it'sfun to watch them trying to make it work for their lives. Anyway, they make beautiful, beautiful videos,kind of like Casey Neistat's but even more beautiful. Very highly edited, very story-driven.

They try to tell a story in each of their episodes, each of their videos and it's just a pleasure to watch. They're just such happy people and they makeme happy when I watch their videos and it's pretty and they experiment a lot with differenteffects and editing and it's just great to watch their videos. I love it. You should too. They are American, so all of these three last people that I've recommended to you have been American.

So may be you're not looking foran American accent, when you're trying to learn English, maybe you live right next to England or you want to move to England and you'd like to learn the English accent, that's why I'm going to recommend the next person, which is

4.Hannah Witton

she is a British person, she lives in London. I don't know where she grew up, so I'm notsure what her accent really is, but she... well it's definitely British, you can tellimmediately. Anyway, she has a Youtube channel about human relationships, so if that's something you're interested in, I'm sure most peopleare interested in watching videos about that.

And they're just super interesting. She brings a lot of guests on her channel,so you'll get more accents that way, more exposure to different people speaking English. It's great. She's very nice, I actually met her in reallife. I went to one of her live events when I wasin London. It was some what of an excuse to go to theYoutube space in London because I really wanted to go, but also I really like her Youtubechannel and it was fun, she signed a book, I bought her book.
I bought her book and she signed it! 
Last Youtuber I'd like to recommendto you is

5.Fran Meneses. 

I think that's how you pronounce her name. Anyway, she's actually from Chile, so Englishis not her first language. So when you listen to her speak English, sometimesshe makes mistakes, but they're not big mistakes and she is very, very good at speaking English,and maybe it's good for you to hear someone whose second language is English.

I know for me, when I'm trying to listen to people who's second language is French speak French, it's very difficult, but when I'm speaking English, because it's my native language, I can pretty much adapt to a foreign speakerof English. So that could be something interesting foryou. Anyway, she is an illustrator and she livesin... I don't know where she lives.

Somewhere in England, south of England, andshe lives with her husband and they make lots of videos about illustrating, about startingyour own business, about... you know... marketing your products online. And it's just really interesting even thoughI don't illustrate anything, I don't draw at all. I just think it's super cool and yeah. Her videos are very beautiful, I love herediting style. She just talks about her trips that she'staken and she'll just put the images from the trips on the screen. And it's just beautiful to watch. She's an artist. It's awesome.

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Ok, I hope that was some what interesting for you and you got some ideas of who to watch on Youtube because I think it's great to watch  learn-English Youtube page, but it's also even better, especially if you have an intermediateor advanced level of English.

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