How to find awesome niches for your blog or website

How to find awesome niches every single time in five simple steps for your blog or website what's up everyone we're going to be talking about how you can quickly and easily find some amazing niches .

How to find awesome niches  for your blog or website
 awesome niches  for your blog or website

Alright now let's go and find some niches Alright.
Okay, so I know how you feel I know way coming from I've actually developed a process that works Pretty much every single time and I want to share it with you guys So this is what we're going to be doing So we're gonna make start out with a larger list of niches and niche ideas and I want you guys to kind of follow along with me or maybe watch this and then go back to the start of the Video and then follow along with me as you can we go through every single step Alright, so but overall, they brought us we're gonna make a large list of several niches .

Then we're gonna filter that list using a few methods that I'm going to show you guys and then based on that we're gonna come Up with a few great niches so we start out with a lot and then we kind of gradually filter them down, right and When we filter it down You should hopefully end up with a niche that you bite happy with that is profitable and then you can operate in for a long time so the first step is of course to Start creating your list.

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Okay, and I've got a nice template here for you guys as well You can download this template in the description below this video So to create the list the first thing that you should start with is, what are the sides? You know think of the sides that you are already following and I'm going to do this with you as I'm going along so you need to think of our sites write them down and then you can use my template or just create a similar template yourself if you want in Google Docs or in you know in a spreadsheet whatever you want So what are the websites that I'm already following and that I really like so I'm gonna start writing them down .

So I like guitar sites because I play guitar. Okay, and The particular sub topics are guitar lessons So I'm gonna write that down Then the other websites that I'm already following You know blogging Websites and subtopic. Well, or we can call it make money online niche and in particular Subtopic is blogging Okay, the other websites that I am already following an activity reading are Sports so soccer or football tip anywhere in the world you are Alright so let's go ahead and put in a few more so the other thing is I'm interested in News so in particular the subtopic is Australian current events Also children, so Raising a child or Raising a daughter.

I've got a delicious almost six So these could be some of the other things that I could potentially start a blog about So these gives you a pretty good list you get the idea, you know Just write down everything that you're possibly interested in perhaps you're interested in gardening Perhaps you're interested in fishing Just write them down and try to outline any subtopics if there's more than one set for example in a guitar on the guitar lessons There could also be something like get reviews reviews of different guitars under MMR there could also be For example traffic or WordPress Ok, so just write them all down break them down by subtopics try to create a nice list So let's continue. So what you would do then is Adding some additional proven issues.

So what I'm talking about is there are three Nicias you may have heard of them They're sort of the three golden issues that are already proven to be successful. It's health exercise Relationships including dating and money and Finance if you have a blog or any kind of websites within one of those three niches You're pretty much guaranteed to make money as long as you can get the traffic to it.

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You guaranteed to make money So let's think through as a second step Let's think through these three golden issues and try to write down things within those niches that were actually interested in So within health personally I'm interested in body building Sports supplements working out Okay, you probably can't tell from look at me on the video, but I did go to the gym from time to time So I'm quite interested in in those topics and I read a bit about it so, you know, I have a natural interest in it from the Relationships perspective.

How to find awesome niches  for your blog or website
How to find awesome niches  for your blog or website

 This could be applicable to you just write those out if you think that they are applicable to you so I'm gonna get rid of relationships but you get the idea and then next for money and finance niche I actually am quite passionate about the finance niche weirdly I am I worked at largest rallyin bank here for 12 years and because of that, you know I do have a bit of interest towards morons and lending as well as property investment, so I'm gonna write those out so.

 The next thing that we'll want to do is we'll want to Scan niche lists Okay And the reason why I've called that step 2.5 is because I believe if you are struggling with finding a niche You shouldn't just go off and find a completely random niche Like if you know if I wanted to start a blog about goldfish, for example Or if I wanted to start a blog about some I don't know for example makeup, you know, like women's hair or makeup .

Best Diet related niche

Diets various vegetarian diets intermittent fasting there's exercises. There's nutritional health there are supplements, you know, but there could be things like Okay, perhaps shooting or outdoor recreation like camping and hunting and Fishing and various other similan issues.

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So if you you know look for those if you feel like you're a bit short go ahead and look at the list of niches and Write down any that appeal to you so you can just you know write them in here okay, so with that we're gonna move on so now that we've got our Lists, what we want to do is now we start the filtering process So we've got our a big laundry list .

Now we go ahead and we start using this template to start actually filtering out the niches that we don't feel particularly passionate Or that are unsuitable for one reason or another so the first thing we're going to look at is can you create content for these niches content is important because either you yourself will have to write our blog post with content or you're gonna have to hire someone but even if you hire someone You still need to tell that person.

 Hey, listen, you need to make a blog post about Five best fishing rods or about five best supplements or something like that. You still need to kind of deal with it, right? and If you really have no clue or you're just not really interested in creating content and that needs you're dealing with the content in that Niche, it might not be a good idea for you to be in that nature. So let's go through this so guitar and guitar lessons .

Best Music instrument related niche

Can I create content know because my guitar playing is honestly not good enough And I mean, I don't think I'll ever get good enough quickly enough to be able to create content in that niche Okay, so that's a no guitar reviews. However, yes, I could you don't even need to really have a guitar You don't need to have something in front of you to review it You can still create content based on other people's information that you find online. So yes, I could create content about guitar reviews for sure Okay, now the next niche the MMO the dreaded Emma Mohnish so Blogging traffic and WordPress.

Music related blogger niche

Can I create content? Well personally, this is a very strong Yes for me for all of them because I have been doing this for 11 12 12 years now and You know I've Sort of had a lot of exposure and I've got a lot that I can talk about and I just have a quite a good Knowledge of this topic, but guys, very important to note here. You don't need to be an expert You don't need to be successful at a particular thing in order to start a blog in that Topic, okay Let me give you an example blogging so even if you're a brand new person who is starting a blog about Blogging or about traffic or about WordPress if you feel passionate about it You can still create content in that topic.

Okay, so there's a distinction for example You can't really create a lot of content Related to guitar lessons because you really need to be able to sit in front of people and play the guitar But for blogging you take an angle of just reviewing things. So as an example, you could create a blog about What are the 10 best WordPress themes or 10 best Blogging courses you can still kind of produce content on that topic so Hopefully you get what I mean? you don't need to be making a hundred thousand a year or a hundred thousand a month from blogging in order to be able to Create a blog about blogging. Okay, hopefully that makes sense So next sports soccer and football.

Can I create content to be honest? I think that it would just be I'm not religious that I love reading about it But I wouldn't really want to make content. So for me to know for you, it could be different News again same thing like reading the news But I don't think I want to run a news site children raising a child the raising your daughter well Actually, I want to create content, you know, I would be interested in writing about this. So I would say that this is a yes So, I'm just gonna do I'm gonna skip through this a bit quicker So for bodybuilding a spot supplements, I would say yes because I'm interested in those finance and lending and property investments Probably yes, I would say okay, so you can see that a few of our ideas have been filtered out already Which is a good thing.

That's the point of the exercise. So let's move on to the next step. So step four Can you make products now? the reason why I Recommend choosing a niche in which you can create content is because it will generate a lot more profits for you down the road Okay, so let me give you an example let's say you have Your own course about weight loss, okay if you have your own course about weight loss then you can sell it on your site for example for $50.00 and If someone buys it then you make the whole of that $50.00 Okay, the second thing that a lot of people do and that you will probably do on your blog as well is affiliate marketing When you recommend other great products to your buyers, and let's say you Recommend my product and my product is sold for $50 when you refer someone to me and they buy my product I might pay you a commission.

Let's say I pay a 50% Commission. Okay, so I collect $50 I pay you 25 you as a blogger Make $25. However, if this was your own product, then you would be making the full purchase price. Therefore $50 Additionally you could also hire affiliates you could get others to promote your product so it's just a lot more ways that you can make money and you can make a lot more money if you can create your own products in the particular mission, so that's the reason so Can I create products in the? guitar reviews sort of niche Well, to be honest, I think that it's not applicable.

How to find awesome niches  for your blog or website
How to find awesome niches  for your blog or website

You know, there is if I'm I can't make my own guitars You know if I'm making my I can't really create my own lesson I can't think of another way that I could monetize the guitar niche. So let's say my own products and the guitar niche probably no Blogging traffic and WordPress. Well, actually I can In the blogging space. I've got a blogging course already and Even if you are brand new into blogging space In six to twelve months down the track once your blog is successful You can create a simple course and you can sell it to your readers You know same about traffic once you've got a case that you can actually sell it to people About WordPress.

Well, yes, you can create your own WordPress themes and your own WordPress plugins, and you can sell them to people What's the next one children? Well, yes, you can actually create products in those as well and so you could create guides for example information guides about how to raise a daughter how to get how to get children to sleep I know that those are fairly Successful products and it doesn't really, you know, you don't need to be anything special. You can just write about your own experience So for me personally, yes, I could I could create a product in those niches Regarding bodybuilding sports supplements and working out.

I would say this is probably a no simply because I'm not really a big huge guy that could make it onto the cover of You know a bodybuilding kind of magazine. I'm not really I don't think I'll ever get muscular enough to be able to do that So let's say that this is probably a no for me. It could be once again. It could be different for you guys and Finance loans and lending and property investments. Well, I would say that not really simply because I'm not gonna sell my own loans I'm not to You know go into property investments or sell my own courses and property investments. So for me, this is probably a no. Okay, so I hope that this makes sense just go through whatever issues you record it and tried to find out whether you are able to make your own products in those niches or not the next thing is You would go through and you would research other successful sites.

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