How to stop getting distracted from your goal like study

Hello dear buddies,Today I am going to tell you about how to stop getting distraction while working .As you human mind easily doesn't concentrate at any point .We also feel that when we are working or studying than we will distraction from them.

What is term distraction?

You follow your heart rather than when you do what you feel you are calledto do so this creates a dynamic where it becomes extremely difficult to actually pursue your dreams pursue your goals and consistently do what you really want todo chances are there's somebody close to you that is rewarding you right now as Ispeak to you you're being rewarded to do things that might not necessarily reallybe your highest calling or what you really desire to do with your life butthey are patting you on the back for doing something.

Tips to overcome from distraction

1.Off the Mobiles phone notification during work period.

2.Always be free when you feel like distraction

3. Make an time schedule for your work

4.Always be motivated and confidential

5.Always think positive.

6.Determination about your goal

7.Always do new invention

8.Make step to step format for work

9.Control on mind

10.Always do exercise 

The want you to do they're giving you initiative they're giving you incentive to go out of yourway to ignore your goal to ignore your purpose and so no wonder you're beingdistracted and pulled away from it and constantly just disorient not reallyable to focus and concentrate on your pathhere's your challenge here's what we all have to do if we want to live out ourdeepest potential say no to the validation.

How to quit mind distraction and focus?

Saying no to the approval say no to the things that other people want us to do say no to the things that other people try to get us to do because it's their intention for us and not ourintention for us start with your intention for you what's your intention for you for today and to make an intention for yourselfit's actually really simple all you got to do is look at the things that youmost enjoy doing for me it would be actually sitting down right here andrecording a video now I will get rewarded to go do a bunch of other stuffwhich I'll still do a lot of other stuff like companies and clients and I love doing that just as much so don't get me wrong there are other things that youmight enjoy doing that you also want to do but for me it starts right here thisis number one for me this is what I want to make sure I do because I reallyreally enjoy it and whether I'm recording a video for youtube .

How to focus on work?

WhetherI'm recording a video to help with some other work that I'm doing or somebodythat I'm collaborating with I don't mind as long as I get to create content andshare and help people live their dream because I feel that's my highest callingin life now what is that for you what do you most enjoy doing is it about goingoutside and getting the ball and kicking it between two trees because honestlyfor a lot of you you're called to a sport and you love that and that's whatgets you engaged in that's what you really enjoyed .

The very most sowhy would you hold yourself back from doing that and instead focus so hardonto studying or focus so hard on trying to do a great job at a job that youdon't really like now don't get me wrong sometimes you have to do things that youdon't love doing but let's set your intention first could you wake up an hour earlier to go kick that ball or whether it's dance or singing orcreating your business and building your funnel on your new websites whatever itmight be for you can we do that first can we make that the priority can we putthat ahead and in front of everything else because I'm telling you the momentthat we do that we are regaining a ton of powerwe're regaining a ton of momentum and really we're taking responsibility tosay.

If I don't put my dream first nobody else is gonna do that for me see many years ago the only job that I could get was as a janitor and although it wasn'ta very lucrative a nice job it got me through certain period of my life Wowwhile I was you know sort of establishing my business initially andalthough yes I had to go and do that before I ever went and did that I madesure that I recorded some content that I worked on my website that I you knowreached out to some potential clients .

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I did something towards my purposebefore I ever let myself go and do other that you know somebody else's agenda somebody else wanted me to make sure that that area was clean that was theiragenda their vision their initiative and I was falling into that but I made surethat I put my own priorities first so even if you're in a spot right now whereyou can't focus on you first where you can't say okay I'm gonna quit this joband go do what I love full-time that's fine just start by putting what you lovefirst and then go do that job and then go do that thing and then go study andthen go do .

All that other stuff but put it a little bit of practice and put alittle bit of work in first and the thing that you really care about and I'mtelling you the moment that you do that paradigm shift completely mindshattering for a lot of people including myself in that really now it feels likewow I do what I want first and then I go through whatever other people need me todo or whatever else I need to do to survive but first I listen to my soul Iput my heart as number one that's my first priority and then whatever comesafter that it's almost like a nice .

Little bonus you know yeah that helps medo that thing that I want to do the most but a lot of people have it allbackwards they go work a really hard day you're not the office they come home andthen they're like oh I'm too tired to work on my passion well of course youare start your day with that wake up earlier you know change your schedulemake it so that you put that first and make it so that you're really noting itto yourself that hey this is a big priority in my life this is something Ireally care about and the moment that you have that installed right there nowwe can make some other power moves now we can really start to create some moremomentum now we can start to say no to a lot of those other things that aredistracting us or aren't serving us because now when somebody comes to youand says hey can you pick me up from the airport or hey can you you know kind ofdrive me to town or can you buy this thing from me at the grocery store canyou go out and do this for me can you get me this can you help me with thatusually you be probably hard pressed to say no because you feel kind of guiltyor like I don't really have anything better to do oh mansighs say yes and then I go do it and then guess what your.

People-pleasing nowsince you have that first establishment you can say no to a lot of those thingsbecause you'll say hey wait that can be extra time for me to go work on thatthing that I care so much about that can be extra time for me to go chase mydreams no I'm not going to the grocery store to get you some lettuce I don'tknow how because I can work on my dream right now this is time right here that'simportant and maybe I can go get the lettuce later but you see I'm gonna putthis first together or you practice that the more you practice that the more youpractice that the less you're taking the validation and the little hit ofdopamine the little head of you know Saratoga whatever it might be like theselittle chemicals and releasing in your brain and orphans telling.

You oh yeahgreat you're helping other people you know but you're running around andyou're not serving them or you because you're not really pursuing what you wantmost now when you pursue what you want mostthose little distractions come up and you go mmmI don't think so I'm gonna prioritize this again because you've alreadydemonstrated to your unconscious that hey this is important this comes firstand then everything else and then you start prioritizing it more and more andmore this is exactly what happened for me and more and more I started saying noto you know driving somebody to the concert because hey I'm gonna make somecontent .

I'm gonna work on this and even though I'd get paid to drive I wouldn'tget paid to make the content it was the right choice because over the long haulthe content paid off tenfold and 100 and a thousandfold to the point where I'm incomplete financial independence I'm able to just live off of investments createmore and more wealth still continue to help and serve of course because it'swhat I love to do and work with great companies and great people but it's fromfreedom not the spiration and I really want you to experience that in your lifeand the only way you do that is by prioritizing the things that areimportant to you the only way that can ever happen .

If you put you firstbecause nobody else will ever do that for you no matter how much they love youthey have their agenda for you they have their version of what they want you todo and that's not to say that they don't care about you of course they do yourfamily probably loves you and cares about youyou know your partner probably loves and cares about you deeply if you're in agood healthy relationship at least that is right your friendprobably love you and care about you.

But of course they're in their movie therethe main character there and in this one it's you and I'm here to support you andI want you to make the decision to put you first because that's the only waythat you'll ever be able to serve the people around you to your highestabilities anyway you know being able to provide for my family or help peoplearound me or friends and influence people and really make a difference hascome as a byproduct of me investing into myself and putting personal developmentin my own evolution my own transformation first and that's whatcreates a platform for me to operate from and go add so much value out therenow I ask you again what is that thing for you that you're going to put firstinstead of getting distracted instead of getting validated for getting distracted.

What are you going to prioritize what are you going to really put first inyour life what really matters to you what is your heart calling you to do canwe make that first can we finally make the decision to say I'm gonna wake upevery morning Hana do this I'm gonna focus on it I'm gonna change my lifethis this really matters to me this will really make a difference in my lifefinally I'll be happy and fulfill that from that place I'm operating so muchbetter in such a higher frequency that I won't get distracted I won't get pulledaway my attention will not get alluded in to other things that really don't addvalue into my life that's what I call a successful transformation that's what I call living your dream .

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