5 secret to boost self confidence! How to boost self confidence

How to boost self confidence.We all have struggled withself-confidence at some point of time in our lives and we've told ourselves if only I was a little more confident I could have achieved a lot more in life but the good news is that confidence is a skill and not an inborn talent.
secret to boost self confidence
secret to boost self confidence

I'm going to teach you today how you can go about acquiring it so this is happybirthdaytrends and we will discuss  on the 5 secrets for you to become more self-confident now let's begin by understanding what is self confidence.

What is self-confidence?

Self confidence is your trust on your own abilities your trust in your being able to carry out a particular task it could be a small task like riding a bicycle going to a supermarket or even exploring some new features on your smartphone or it could be a bigger task like clearing an exam or an interview self-confidence is your trust on yourability to accomplish that particular task but the question is where is thistrust going to come from.

How to increase self-confidence?

so today I'm going to give you five secrets to become self confident and one bonus tip now let's look at thefive secrets to becoming more self-confident and secret number one iscalled recognize your superpower now remember the time when you were a childand you thought nothing was impossible and you thought you were Superman orSupergirl or even spider-man and then what happened do you remember .

how all of that began to change chances are someone near and dear to you passed a negative comment or doubted your ability and that sort of shattered your world and your self-confidence now may be they were just speaking from their own fears and experiences but the impact on you was profound now I'm going to give you three quick ways for you to get back that superpower

3 of best way to improve self-confidence

secret to boost self confidence
secret to boost self confidence

The first Best way for you to get your self-confidence back is to recognize that you are indeed special you are that Superman the Supergirl or the Spider Man.

The second way to get yourself confidence back is to reclaimthe magic wand the source of your self-confidence should not lie withsomebody else the truest and only source of power is that which comes from withinand.

The third thing you need to do to recognize your superpower is to make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses just like spider-man canbuild webs but he's not fire proof just like that you have a unique strength and you also have a weakness. 

What is Reason behind down of self-confidence ?

what our story here has two villains
The first one is our own negative self-talk observe yourself how you pull yourself down on certain occasions like I don't think I'm gonna clear this exam so why even bother toprepare or I'm so underprepared there's no way I'm gonna get through or I just look so terrible nobody's gonna select me in that interview our thoughts influence our actions now I'm not saying that you should be walking around like Muhammad Ali saying I'm the greatest but at least stop destroying your self-confidence and disqualifying your own self .
secret to boost self confidence
secret to boost self confidence

The  second villain is negative people the kryptonite for Superman the negative thoughts from his past that were his weakness now get rid of negative peopleremove them from your sphere of attention and
Don't let someone else's approval dictate your own happiness and course of action keep telling yourselfthat you are the captain of your ship and the master of your own destinysecret to becoming more self-confident number three is called practice practicepractice now one of the occasions that brings out the most amount of fear andunder confidence in us is public speaking and as you know there is noshortcut to becoming a great public speaker except for getting yourself moreand more practice so grab every occasion to learn and try pick up new skills makemistakes learn from them but keep on and on practicing remember that our ownexperience can be our greatest source of self-confidence 
I' am going to giveyou three quick tips here on how you can do this practice.

The first one is trya proxy

Let's say you're afraid of taking up a sales job how about in your college you work for the college festival team and go about trying tosell tickets or sponsorships but one word of caution here don't hide behind a proxy and keep elevating the game and making thechallenge harder for yourself tip number two is write and achievements diary howabout you sit down and write everything that you've achieved everything you're good at and all your strengths every single day and I suggest every Sundaypick up your diary and read it for 15 minutes it could be small things likeyou tried something new .

you made a mistake but you learned from it it neednot be a huge big accomplishment but the little little things in life are theones that can feed
your self confidence sometimes the most and within practicepractice practice tip number three is do one thing that scares you every week get out of your comfort zone feel the pressure after allpressure builds diamonds how to become more confident secrets number four iscalled talk to more people talk to your seniors help out your juniors walk up toyour professors and talk to them schedule a meeting with them you canjust have a casual conversation with them not only that talk to a variety ofpeople talk to your librarian talk to the uber driver now this not onlyimproves your social skills and your relationship skills it also increasesempathy and builds self-confidence.

Now within this overall theme of talking tomore people I think you should try to help more people and this buildsself-confidence in a number of ways firstly it removes the focus fromyourself and shifts the focus on to this other person who sometimes may be in aposition worse off than you which brings out feelings of gratitude and thereforeconfidence another thing it does is that when you help people you talk to themyou listen to them you smile at them people in turn start to like you andthat raises your level of endorphins and your self confidence and trust in yourself you think.

Hey if so many people can like me suddenly I can have more trust on my own abilities to perform a certain task and I can be more self-confident the fifth secret to improve yourself-confidence is called feed the brain now imagine you're flying in aplane and suddenly the plane starts going down and there's an announcementthat says who can fly this plane and a small voice from the back says I can I'mfeeling confident now well it doesn't work like that confidence has to be backed up by skills knowledge and experience to be a lasting source of self-confidence.

I find reading books to be a great source of self-confidence because it not only gives you knowledgeit helps you make better conversations with people and it keeps youwell-informed but guess what happened we've got a lot of work to do I've gotvideos to make you got studies to do and reading these two three hundred pagebooks just doesn't work out and you know when you start a book and you're notable to complete it that actually destroys your self-confidence.

Best free online books to boost self-confidence.

So I've discovered this app which I use extensively and that's the reason I'msharing it with you and it's called Blinkist now what Blinkist does is that it summarizes the key takeaways and need-to-know information from thousandsof non-fiction books and condenses it into these 15 minute capsules that youcan either read or listen to and I love blinkist because guess what I put on myearphones when I'm driving and sometimes you're stuck in a traffic jam and youcould have listened to about three to four books before you reach somewhere and also when I go to the gym it's something I do to gain knowledge while I'm doingsomething else to save me on time now I highly recommend this app to youbecause specially for chetchat viewers they're giving us a 7-day free trial nowI suggest you use the link that's given at the bottom in the description box ofthis video sign up for your free 7-day trialit's totally absolutely free .

secret to boost self confidence
secret to boost self confidence

You get access to thousands and thousands of books and in fact you can cancel the trial any time during that seven day period as well and two of my favorite books on the app are start with why by Simon Sinek and Hit refresh by Satya Nadellaso make sure you look at the link given in the description box under the video and now for the bonus tip you write your own personal commercial.

How about you give yourself a motivating speech once every few days on all your accomplishments your greatest strengths keeping in mind that you are here to perform a unique mission and going back to your mojo your strength and keep reminding yourself of how good you are and how capable you are you can use your achievement diary forexample to make this personal commercial and whenever you're feeling low sing a little jingle to yourself about how great you are and keeping in mind that whenyou're helping others and you're performing your special mission with agreat amount of self-confidence.

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